2. The rented items remain the property of Distinctive Event Furniture Hire (Pty) Ltd (DEFH).
  3. The client will be held liable for any items lost or damaged during the stipulated rental period, at a replacement value.
  4. The client is aware of the purpose for which the item(s) are intended and shall use the items for such purpose only.
  5. Once the client has received the items, the risk and insurance of such items passes to the client, and the client hereby undertakes to fully insure such items or take the necessary steps to ensure that the full replacement value of the items can be provided to DEFH should the item(s) be damaged or destroyed by any peril whatsoever.
  7. The rental period is stated on the quotation or invoice.
  8. Any additional period in which the client has the item(s) in its possession will be charged at the rates quoted until the item(s) are collected or received by DEFH.
  10. A quotation provided by DEFH is merely an estimate and the final invoice will be provided on acceptance of the quotation.
  11. The items quoted in the quotation are subject to availability of stock and payment of a 50% deposit.
  12. Final payment (50% balance) is due no later than 14 days prior to the event date.
  13. Payments are to be made only by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  15. DEFH delivers and collects at a fee. The fee is calculated according to time, distance and ease of access of the venue.
  16. Standard delivery and collection rates are applicable only between 08h00 – 17h00, Monday to Friday.
  17. Any deliveries requiring the use of stairs and elevators or paths with large obstacles that could prevent easy access to the drop-off location, or excessive distances from the truck, will be charged at an additional rate.
  18. The delivery fee does not include setting up or placing of items. This is merely for delivery and collection at the same place.
  19. Delivery and collection dates are stipulated on the quote and invoice. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the dates are correct, and that items can be stored in a safe and sheltered place until collection, as per clause 5.
  20. On delivery, the client or a person designated by the client must check all the items and sign the delivery note. Any discrepancies must be reported to DEFH immediately.
  21. DEFH will not be held responsible for discrepancies of items delivered and collected if the client, or a person designated by the client, does not sign the delivery note.
  22. Weekend, public holidays and after-hours deliveries and collections are subject to a surcharge.
  23. Any changes to the agreed date and time of delivery and/collection, on the quotation, may be subject to additional charges.
  24. DEFH will not be held liable nor responsible for the client’s failure to inform about changes in delivery and collection dates and times.
  25. DEFH reserves the right to cancel the order without refund, and/or penalties may apply if the client does not advise of changes to collection and delivery dates and times.
  26. The client will be held liable for shortages and or breakages as per clause 6.
  28. All hired items must be stored in a safe and sheltered location when not in use.
  29. The client will be liable for any damages or losses suffered by DEFH.
  30. Items cannot be used on any wet surface or in any area that will allow for water damage.
  32. All items hired from DEFH remain the property of DEFH.
  33. In the event of damage(s) to an item(s), as ascertained by either the client or DEFH, an inspection of item(s) must take place jointly by the client and DEFH to determine the identity and extent of the damage(s).
  34. The inspection should take place on the day following the function, at the venue of the function, by DEFH and the client. If such an inspection is not possible DEFH will collect the item(s) and hold same separately on its premises in order for the inspection to take place. If the inspection does not take place, DEFH will solely determine the extent of the damages.
  35. Any lost, stolen or damaged items will be charged for at the full replacement cost, and will be for the clients account.
  36. DEFH will issue an invoice, to the client, for the full replacement value of the items.
  37. The payment will be due 2 days after the client receives the shortages/damages invoice
  39. Cancellation of an item
  40. Penalties may apply to reduced quantities
  41. Cancellation of a booking
  42. 30 – 60 days = 25%
  43. 15 – 30 days = 50%
  • 0 – 14 days = 100%
  1. The Client furthermore agrees to be liable for all DEFH Attorney and Client costs in respect of any proceedings instituted by DEFH for the recovery of any amounts owing by the client in terms of the agreement.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are binding upon acceptance of the quotation.

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties hereto. No alterations, amendments or variations to this Agreement shall be regarded as valid and binding unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties hereto. No relation or indulgence shown by any party to the other shall be regarded as a waiver of that party’s rights as contained in this Agreement